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Bezopasnost postsovetskogo prostranstva: realii i stereotypy. Ezhegodnyi sbornik Tsentra regionalnykh i transgranichnykh issledovanii (Security Issues of the Post-Soviet Space: Realities and Stereotypes. The Annual of the Center for Regional and Transboundary Studies) Ed. by Sergey Golunov. Volgograd: Print. Publishing House, 2003, 160 pp. ISBN 5-94424-025-3. 4 Papers are in English and 10 papers are in Russian.

This collection of article is the Second Annual of the Center for Regional and Transboundary Studies. It contains materials devoted to the wide range of security issues within the geographical limits of the post-Soviet space and to stereotypes related to the perception of these problems at both mass and expert levels.


Foreword (in Russian and English) pp. 5-10

Part I. History

Andrey Bykov. Liquidation of USSR and Formation of CIS: Prerequisites, Challenges and Responses (an Attempt for Historiographical Classification of the Conceptions) (in Russian) pp. 12-17

Part II. National And International Security, Geopolitics

Farkhad Khamrayev. Internal Threats for Central Asian Security (in Russian) pp. 19-27

Ertan Efegil, Yilmaz Colak. Central Asia in Transition: Deteriorating Policies of the Central Asian Leaders pp. 28-37

Elvira Mamytova. Conflicts in Central Asia and the Problem of Security pp. 38-47

Liudmila Reshetnikova. The Organization of GUUAM in the Light of American Strategy for Transportation of Raw Materials from the Countries of Caspian Basin pp. 48-50

Oleg Boronin. About the Formation of Russian External Policy with Regard to Kazakhstan pp. 51-56

Part III. Security Problems Of Russian Regions

Grigory Olekh. Arrangement of Russian-Kazakhstani Border: Siberian Regional Dimension pp. 58-66

Andrey Makarychev. Regional Security Communities: the Case of Nizhny Novgorod Region pp. 67-77

Vassily Valuev. Securities of Actors: the Role of a Border Region (on the Example of Orenburg Oblast) pp. 78-93

Part IV. Stereotypes Of Perception Of Security Issues

Sergey Golunov. Security Issues in the Contemporary Central Studies in Russia and USA: Political Conjuncture and Stereotypes pp. 95-115

Suat Kiniklioglu. Turkish-Russian relations: the role of mutual perceptions pp. 116-119

Katerina Arkhipova. Mass Media as a Factor of the Contemporary Russian-Georgian Relations pp. 120-124

Part V. The Papers Of Young Researchers

Lidiya Kuznetsova. Shanghai Cooperation Organization: Problems and Prospects (in Russian) pp. 126-140

Oleg Bogatov. American Military Activity in Central Asia and Transcaucasia: Maintaining Regional Security as a Condition for Realization of American Interests Concerning Power Resources pp. 141-149

List of Contributors (in Russian and English) pp. 150-153

Copyright 2003 Center for Regional and Transboundary Studies at Volgograd State University

Copyright 2003 The Collective of the Authors

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