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Partners in research field:

a) In Russia:

1. Academic Educational Forum for International Relations, Moscow;
2. Center for Regional Studies at the Barnaul State Pedagogical University , Barnaul.
3. Chair of Political Sciences of the South-Ural State University , Chelyabinsk.
4. Chair of the Oriental Studies of the Altay State University , Barnaul.
5. Committee on Nationalities and Cossacks Affairs at the Government of Volgograd Region.
6. Department of the Commonwealth of Independent States Studies of the Institute of Oriental Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences), Moscow.
7. The Education, Research and Publishing Center "Acta Eurasica", Moscow.
8. International Network for Ethnic Monitoring and Early Warning of Conflicts (EAWARN), Moscow.

b) In other countries:

1. Center for Security Studies and Conflict Research. Federal Swiss Technical Institute, Zurich, Switzerland.
2. Caucasian Center of Iranian Studies, Yerevan, Armenia.
3. International Institute for Strategic Studies, London, UK.
4. National Eurasian University, Astana, Kazakhstan.

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