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1. In 2001-2004 CRTS published annually its collections of articles devoted to fixed issues. The electronic version of the first annual named "Post-Soviet Eurasia: Ethno-cultural Specificity of Social and Political Processes" is available. The second annual "Security Issues of the Post-Soviet Space: Realities and Stereotypes" has been published in 2003. Hardcopies can be ordered by e-mail.
Now the preference is given to research reports resulted from research projects (see reports below and the page "Research".

2. As a result of the research project "Security Issues of the new Russian Borders" the collective monograph "Prozrachnye granitsy: bezopasnost i transgranichnoe sotrudnichestvo v zone novyh pogranichnyh territorii Rossii (Transparent Borders: Security and Transboundary Cooperation in Russias New Borderlands)" was published in 2002. The electronic version (in Russian) is available at the site of the Academic Forum on International Relations

3. The collection or articles "Russia and Orient: Problems of Interaction" contains the materials of the conference was held in Volgograd in November 2002 by the Institute of Oriental Studies (Russian Academy of Sciences) and CRTS.

4.Serghei Golunov. Russia-Kazakhstan Border: Security and International Cooperation Issues. Volgograd: Volgograd State University Publishing House, 2005. 422 p. (in Russian) The monograph analyses the complex of issues related to history and contemporary problems of the lengthiest continuous border in the world. Among these problems are, on the one hand, smuggling, illegal migration, ecological disaster, obstacles to normal transboundary interaction and, on the other hand, achievements and difficulties in the field of transboundary cooperation.

5. At this page you can find also an electronic version of an outline of the special course "New Borders as the Security Issue for Russia". This version is available in Russian.


Sergey Golunov. Russian-Ukrainian Borderland in the Light of European Integration

Narkotorgovlya cherez rossii'sko-kazahstanskuyu granitsu: vyzov i problemy protivodei'stviya (Drug-Trafficking through-Russia-Kazakhstan Border: Challenge and Problems of Counteraction). Working Paper of the Center for Regional and Transboundary Studies. # 1 / Sergey Golunov, Vadim Astashin, Svetlana Kozhirova, Grigory Olekh, Liudmila Reshetnikova/ ed. by Sergey Golunov. Volgograd: Academic Publishing House, 2004. - 64 p. (in Russian)

The Issue of Narcomania in Russia: National Security vs. Civil Society? Policy Memo 385 of the Program for New Approaches to Russian Security (Center for Strategic and International Studies, Washington, D.C.)

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